Santa Barbara Ghost Walks offers a variety of exciting, entertaining and informative ghost walks in some of the most haunted locations in Santa Barbara. 

View our website for public tours or create a special event for your bridal shower, birthday, anniversary and more.

“Who knew history and ghosts
could be this much fun?!”

– Jeanne S.

Murder & Mystery Tour

With the snap of a neck as a noose does its business; a hail of bullets from the first drive-by shooting; the smell of gunpowder as Spanish muskets take a life; lights from a spirit trapped under the rubble of the 1925 earthquake; theater patrons who never left; and horse thieves, highwaymen and wild west shootouts that make Tombstone look like Tamestone by comparison. It’s a red-tile tour with a different shade of red! $35

Spirited Spirits Tour

Enjoy a wine tasting flight before going out on a ghostly adventure. $55

Paranormal Tour

Armed with our paranormal equipment, enjoy an evening of interactive ghost hunting. $75