Santa Barbara Ghost Walks offers a variety of exciting, entertaining and informative ghost walks in some of the most delightfully haunted locations in Santa Barbara. Historian Neal Graffy, along with ghost aficionados Julie Ann Brown and Catherine Miller have created a unique Santa Barbara experience in CA.

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“Who knew history and ghosts
could be this much fun?!”

– Jeanne S.

Wharf & Wine Ghost Tour

Join us for a special, new tour on Stearns Wharf that shares stories of our ghosts of the coasts! Hear about a couple of star crossed lovers who yet haunt the wharf, Chumash tales, and a siren from a cursed ‘pirate ship-like’ oil platform who several  witnesses have heard on foggy nights. In the midst of this delightful tour, enjoy a glass of Santa Barbara wine and share some stories of your own, if you’d like. $50

Murder & Mystery Tour

This downtown walk will bring to life a Santa Barbara that most of us have never heard of! with the snap of a neck as a noose does its business; a hail of bullets from the first drive-by shooting; the smell of gunpowder as Spanish muskets take a life; lights from a spirit trapped under the rubble of the 1925 earthquake; theater patrons who never left; and horse thieves, highwaymen and wild west shootouts that make Tombstone look like Tamestone by comparison. It’s a red-tile tour with a different shade of red!   $35

Presidio & Romantic Ghost Stories

Julie Ann Brown leads a fabulous tour of Santa Barbara’s Presidio and in the downtown area, sharing stories of ghosts will warm your heart. Special 90 minute tour of historical sites and tales, along with the ghosts who have been spotted there.   $35

Spirited Spirits Tour

Join us for a night of spirited celebration on a tour of Santa Barbara’s most fascinating spooky sites! Enjoy a glass of cheer from a haunted winery as well as the laughter and comradery of new friends on a fun-filled, ghostly adventure. Tour led by our colorfully entertaining historians! $50

Saints and Sinners

This tour shares haunting tales of Saint Barbara’s invisible hand, a remarkable nun who traveled 50 years after her death to save orphans, a Chinese fortune teller who predicted a disaster in Santa Barbara … and a demon who would leave only through the rite of exorcism! Join us for a fascinating journey of Santa Barbara’s very own Saints and Sinners!  $35

Paranormal Tour

Paranormal Tour This very special tour is offered only once a month, by a celebrated ghost expert who will guide you for a walk through time like you’ve never experienced. Learn how to listen to ghosts and clear energy, as you tour some of our most haunted sites in Santa Barbara. A special care package is included with this walk. Bring an open mind and a sense of adventure!   $75

After Dinner, Weekday Special

Join us for a one-hour, weekday ghost walk that will take you on a fascinating journey to haunted sites of Santa Barbara, while walking off some calories from dinner.   $25